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Hi, just to say I am still here working hard behind the scenes which is not my favourite thing to do!

I have been working with a photographer friend in Scotland designing a new website and learning how to do it myself so if you are reading this blog I have succeeded, and it is all working.

All online albums have now been taken down so if you are looking for old photos please send me a message.

There is now an end to lockdown in sight and I want to reassure customers on a few points.

Placing orders.

I am still able to fulfil orders as my printing lab and framer are both able to work and I can post orders out to you.

If you have any questions about ordering or want some advice on products just call me and have a chat. You are welcome to send me a list of photographs you like and I can design multi images and email over to you.


I am selling vouchers online for all types of portrait sessions.

If you have a voucher with a use by date please do not worry I will extend the voucher date to the end of the year.

Please fill out the contact form below with your details and I can add you to my list of people to get in touch with.

Maternity vouchers can be changed to baby or family shoots.

Booked Sessions

I have a list of portrait sessions I have had to cancel and I will be contacting them as soon as we have a definite opening date.

I know there will be 6 month and 12 month sessions from the My First Year portraits that have been missed so if you do not hear from me when we have a date to open feel free to message me or fill in your details below and an approximate date you would like the sitting.


Please contact me if you want to book a session when we re-open and I will add you to the list.

I will be offering outdoor shoots for pets, children and families when we reopen as I found they were popular last year.  After lockdown many children felt uncomfortable going into a strange place after being closed away from the world for so long.

Health and safety 

I followed all the guidelines last year when we reopened and will review and update these and any new policies before we open again.

I cannot wait to welcome you back to the studio!