What to expect at your Newborn Baby shoot at Moment in Time Photography

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All newborn baby sittings happen in my warm, cosy studio in the Peverell/Mannamead area of Plymouth. The shop is at the end of a pretty terrace of shops with on street parking. You are welcome to call in and discuss your requirements before you have your baby.

I have lots of blanket, baskets, hats and props but love customers to bring in their own bits as this makes the shoot more personal.

How to book the Newborn Baby shoot

The ideal age to photograph your baby is 7-14 days, while they are still sleepy and squishy so I can get the ‘newborn’ style poses but I am happy to photograph them at any age.

Babies rarely arrive on their due date so booking in your photo session is a bit of a guess! I limit the number of newborn shoots I do and they are scheduled for weekdays usually 1 week after your due date.  Once baby has arrived I can confirm your appointment. The initial booking should be made sometime after your 20 week scan.

On the day

Most newborn shoots are scheduled for the morning, not too early, as babies seem to be more settled at this time.

The session will be baby led, if they do not want to sleep I am happy to have awake photos, these are normally the most popular. 

The session will normally be no more than 2 hours, if the baby is not settling, I prefer to reshoot a day or two later. 

The poses I will use are all simple and safe.

I ask you to dress the baby in a simple front opening sleep suit with no vest so it is easier to undress.

If possible give your baby a good feed before you leave and hopefully baby will be asleep when you arrive.

The first few photos may be of the baby in its sleep suit and with a blanket, then slowly the baby is undressed and warmed blankets help keep them sleeping. 

I would then move to a few photos in baskets with the help of specially designed posing aids.

Next any sibling and family photos are taken.

I ask that parents come to the sitting ready to be included in the photographs, if your baby is unsettled it helps if you hold the baby. 

These may be the first photographs you have of your new family. You may not feel like having your photo taken, too many sleepless nights and maybe a few pounds heavier but with careful posing, lighting and computer skills you will be surprised at how good you look. Photos are taken of you both looking at the baby just in case you feel you look too tired.

What do I need to bring to a Newborn  Baby photoshoot?

You should bring any blankets, hats, teddies or props you want included in the photographs, please have a chat before the sitting day if you have any ideas for photographs.

You should bring baby milk if the baby is bottle fed, nappies, change of clothes a dummy if you are using one. Not all photo shoots go to plan and you may need to feed your baby, they may need changing they may make a mess! Do not worry this happens often!

You may want to bring a snack and drink for yourselves too.

Viewing your photographs.

You will be invited back to the studio a few days later to view the photographs on a large TV screen. We will go through the images and select your favourites and help you decide how you want to display your beautiful images. You may decide to have one of the print packages or add some wall art or an album/photobook. Your favourites may also be put into an online album for you to show your friends and family.